Saturday, 13 June 2009

Assignment 1

Assignment 1: 16 Contrasts;

many / few

thick / thin

long / short

still / moving

light / dark

hard / soft

rough / smooth

liquid / solid

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finally, i managed to put all this stuff on here, my gosh, its taken a while now hopefully my tutor can take a look , .. hmm.. ..


Hopefully I have done the projects well.
I have bought a tripod now and am using it, Do you think there is anything else I need to get. Also from the stuff I bought with the camera do I have all the lens I need, not very sure here.Also to be assessed to I send my form now or when I have completed the 4th assignment

Also I know you arent supposta help me use my camera bout I was wondering on my screen when I take the pictures there is quite a bit of information I was wondering if you could tell me what they meant

2M 393
ISO 800


S 250 f7 + - _______________


Diana Sanderson

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Project 15 cropping

The Frame - Project 14 , Vertical & Horizontal Frames

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just incase you couldnt see it, not that this is any better but there you go .. ..

The Frame - Project 13 , The Golden Section

The Frame - Project 12, positioning the horizon

Positioning the horizon at different levels within an image can dramatically change the tone of the image. In these pictures of the sheep in the field I've positioned the horizon at various levels within the frame so as to compare the effect it gives to what is, essentially, the same view. I like the last one

The Frame - Project 11 (II), Balance

I think because the bed takes over more of the picture even though nicole is closer it balcances

I think the pictures on each side of the arty thing in the middle balances it out

I think in this picture the wall & window create a frame for the view in the middle creating a balance

In this picture, The land & the sky are of equal size and importance, therefore giving a well-balanced image

continued .. .. .

The Frame - Project 10, Focal lengths & different viewpoints

The Frame - Project 9, Focal lengths

This project is about seeing how different focal lengths affects an image. I took this at the kids toy room window

Sequence 2 The sign